Introducing: Brewery Pit

My current layout is the OO Gauge ‘Brewery Pit’ which is a micro layout representing a brewery complex and warehouses. The layouts primary time period is 1947-1951ish which allows me to run a few dregs from pre-nationalisation and also gives me the chance to represent some early experiments in BR liveries.

Brewery Pit was designed for shunting and small wheel-base engines (very small engines, to the uninitiated). I originally planned to create a small army of steam trams, but more about that some other time.

An early decision was the switch to digital control (DCC), which reduced the faff of wiring up the railway in the early days of development. DCC functionality is also very effective when shunting multiple engines across a very limited amount of track.

Work on Brewery Pit started in January 2008 and the layout is now reaching the final stages of completion. In the following months I will discuss the development of the layout from its 2008 origins and also discuss rolling stock and a little bit of history.

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