Priming The Quarry

This morning i spent some time widening the tunnel mouth of the narrow gauge sidings (having noticed that my narrow gauge engines cannot easily fit through the tunnel. Filing away grout from the tunnel mouth is no easy venture, but after 20 minutes of filing, i managed to sort it out.

I then took to priming all the grout surfaces with halfords black primer spray, so i have a uniform surface to work on.

I then trialled highlighting the rocks with grey acrylic paint. Although initially pleased with the grey, I soon decided it wasn’t the look I was after, so I will probably re-prime the cliff faces tomorrow and start again from a darker tone.

I also did some prototype research, investigatig what rock types best suit my grouted surface. It would seem that granite is a good fit for the texture of the coarse-sand grout that I used. So for the moment at least, I have decided that Quarry Transfer is a granite quarry.

More to come tomorrow.

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