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Grain Hoists

Today I returned to the buildings of Brewery Pit and decided to do some detailing.

The old brewery buildings are made up from a Metcalfe Models cardboard kit, which is very nice, but I wanted to add some details to make it look less flat.

I started by adding some Wills plastic roofing, which has much a better finish than the cardboard print. I was going to fit drain pipes, but found myself building up the grain sack hoists out of the cardboard kit and then covering them in Slater’s corrugated sheeting. I matched the windows by stencilling the shapes onto the plastic and cutting them out with a knife.


I then painted them in a pale blue, which is the main colour theme of my yet-to-be-branded beer.


For some strange reason I have painted the other buildings in the wrong shade of blue, so I will have to correct this soon.

My thoughts are now drawn to how to stop barrels rolling off the raised platforms. I think some walling may be in order.

Visit to the Doncaster Model Railway Show (2013)

Two weeks ago me and my Dad visited the Festival of British Railway Modelling in Doncaster.

It was our first visit and we both really enjoyed the day. The best thing about the show was the number of big layouts (in a UK context), which allowed some good length trains to be run.

Wisbech and Upwell Trams

My interests in the Wisbech and Upwell Railway were well catered for with some interesting discussions about how to model the tramway version of the Drewry tram (see separate post). The highlight for me was the Y10 ‘super sentinel’ shunting around Happisburgh Goods. This was an odd coincidence as I recently begun development of this loco using a 3D modelling programme, thus I took the opportunity to take pictures from all angles (the pictures of the top being a God-send).

O-gauge Y10 'Super Sentinel' on Happisburgh Goods

O-gauge Y10 ‘Super Sentinel’ on Happisburgh Goods


I was also interested in the disturbed grassland and ephemeral vegetation modelled on Kensal Green (sorry… went all ‘ecologist’ there). Their grassland just seem to have something that my current efforts don’t seem to have. I think it is do with the thicker layer of decayed vegetation beneath the current growing stems (closer to the buildings). I think I will experiment and see if I can improve mine.

Disturbed and ephemeral grassland on the 4mm Kensal Green

Disturbed and ephemeral grassland on the 4mm Kensal Green

Black Country Blues was also looking impressive with some great modelling of recently disturbed vegetation, very much the colours, structures and ‘feel’ of the surrounds of home ‘back when’ (Me and Dad thought we recognised the view from Barr Beacon).


I was in a wallet-burning mood and was quite set on buying a D11 Director, which I managed to acquire from one of the cheaper vendors.

D11 Director from Bachmann

D11 Director from Bachmann

Unfortunately for said wallet, I then came across another subject I am interested in: a T9 in Southern Green with ‘British Railways’ on the tender. Opening the box I was quite surprised to find a colonial star on the front (apparently this was the designate royal train). This wasn’t evidently clear from the box and it would be nice if Hornby considered expanding beyond the traditional ‘side profile’ photos on their model-boxes. I also find them not the most flattering images, but that’s me. The colonial star didn’t of course amount to the surprise of finding an elephant on the side of my Heljan BR Blue Falcon when I bought it a couple of years ago!

Hornby's Royal T9

Hornby’s Royal T9


Below is my video from the show, hope you like it:

BR Class 04 Diesel Tram at Speed: Day 2

The second day of speed modelling took place on Sunday (last week).


This video includes modifications to the 04s body to take the new Bachmann Class 03 chassis.

On reflection the axle doors on the side skirts are a bit big, but I was modelling at speed at the time and didn’t think to double check.

BR Class 04 Diesel Tram at Speed: Day 1

Today we answer the question: ‘How much modelling can be done in a day?’

At the Doncaster show a nice chap told me that one of Craftsman Models conversion kits includes the older style cab for an 04 shunter. So a quick purchase of a Bachmann 04 (and said conversion kit) and I was off. I decided to see how far I could get through the conversion in a weekend.


Below is a time-lapse video of the first day of the conversion, enjoy!