Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 DM (Pt 1)

Having become tired of the model projects I was working on (which required me ordering parts or crafting new bits ), I decided to order a model that came complete with motors and gears that I could built quickly. That was 2009, and that model was the Mercian Models Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 Diesel Mechanical.

The prototype

I can’t remember what attracted me to this loco, but it is a lovely oddity and was one of the very early diesel shunter types. It’s primitive diesel design can be clearly seen in it’s likeness to a steam engine (complete with chimney and false coal bunker). One particularly obscure feature is that the crank shaft is placed at the front of the engine.

I am building the British Railway version, which differs from the industrial variant by having a different cab, a slightly different crank shaft gear box and no spot light on the front of the bonnet. One of the industrial versions managed to make it into preservation, but sadly all of the B.R. versions were scrapped.

The kit

The kit is made of nickel silver and a small number of brass, lost wax and white metal compenents. The build was relatively simple and started with the construction of the chassis. I became irritated with my failed attempts to square-up the chassis and decided to invest in a chassis jig and after a few goes I managed to get the chassis to run smoothly.


Here is a video of the initial tests of the chassis.

Once the chassis was constructed I then started work on the fun part, building the body. The model went together smoothly. The body didn’t sitĀ  in the centre of the chassis plateĀ  so i decided to do some fairly extensive sanding of the side frames. You can barely see the issue now. I also had to modify the front crank shaft gear box (the box that came with mine was the version made for the industrial type).




The little hand rail knobs that came with the kit were fun to put on and I finished it off by gluing on the white metal components.

I had to sacrifice a few components on the side of the chassis as they were looking like they were going to risk clashing with the crank axle. I also accidentally cut the crank axle very short, but it just about fits in line with the wheels.

The model is currently waiting for a final de-greasing before it goes into the paint shop.

If you watch the last few minutes of my ‘vintage’ Brewery Pit video, you will also see the model running around.



2 thoughts on “Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 DM (Pt 1)

  1. sed30

    Lovely modelling. Outside cranks I always think are awkward to do that’s why with classes such as the 04 they end up skirted. You have made it work though.


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