Considering N-Gauge

All of my current models are based around OO Gauge or OO9. Over the years I have built up a small army of 1970s diesels in the hope of one day reproducing a miniature version of Laira yard in Plymouth.

In my new house I now have a garage where I can finally get to work on my master plan, but something has started to bug me. How realistic is it for me to produce this layout in OO?

My concerns started when I recently started buying coaches for my diesel fleet. If I want to have a layout with a prototypical length train, then I will need a lot of space. Is it ever going to be realistic to expect that I will have space for such a layout?

When I visit shows I am usually bowled over by the realism of the smaller scales. Many of the N Gauge and 2mm layouts on the layout circuit look amazing.

I am starting to wonder whether a smaller scale would allow me to develop more ambitious layouts.

I have already considered dabbling with fixed perspective using two different scales (to give an appearance of extra distance) for my planned Laira layout.

I am starting to wonder whether I should consider N Gauge or 2mm more seriously.


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