Cry Me A River

It has been a long time since I did any major work on Brewery Pit. I am aiming to have the layout finished for March so I can exhibit, but I keep wanting to modify things. There is a small river (it’s a stream really) near the front of the layout and I have already re-modelled it twice.

River Version 1

The first version of the river was down stream of a pond, but it didn’t look convincing and I pulled up the water course.

River Version 2

The second version was a straighter river with a more convincing bank and riverside vegetation. I used Woodland Scenics still water, but I soon found that the Woodlands Scenics material collects dust very quickly and it can be quite difficult to clean the dust off.

Most of the rivers that I find impressive on other peoples layouts are produced using painted acrylic plastic or glass, so I thought I would revise the river one final time.

River Version 3

Firstly I had to rip out the the old river. Most of the layout is laid with some tar-like rubbery substance that I used to stick down the track. This means that it is relatively easy to pull up bits of the railway (within reason).



I used transparent acrylic and mixed some murky green paint on the underside. I also painted the river bed with dull browns and greens.

2014-08-23 18.42.51LR

I then positioned the acrylic on top of the river bed and buried back into the tar-like ground layer.

2014-08-23 21.37.00LR

Finally, I reconstructed the river bed using DAS clay. I am really pleased with this version of the river as I now get a convincing reflection from the water. I can also clean the dust away easily with a damp cloth.

2014-08-23 22.25.20LR

5 thoughts on “Cry Me A River

  1. milepost15

    Hmm. This looks really good. I have a large bay that I need to model on my layout. Will have to keep this in mind.

  2. martin sebon

    Thanks for your latest post. Acrylic sheet water has always been the most convincing effect I have seen at exhibitions. Looks like a really nice job. Are you considering adding any ripple effects with PVA, as has been done by others in the past. I think it was covered in one of the Right Tracks DVD’s as well.

  3. Grasslands Post author

    I am bit frightened of spoiling the reflective surface to be honest. It would be nice to give it some kind of ripply surface, but I am a bit nervous that dust will stick to it. Maybe I will have a go on some test pieces and see what it looks like.

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