Chassis for the Y10 Super Sentinel

The Model Rail Y1/3 Steam Sentinel RTR loco produced by Dapol has a wonderful mechanism and I confess to having a few too many of these little locos.

While at the Warley show in November, I noticed that Model Rail were offering one of the Y1 Sentinels at a considerably reduced price, so I quickly snapped up the model. This model will provide the chassis for my Y10 super sentinel (just don’t tell the Y1 that, he’ll get upset).

2 thoughts on “Chassis for the Y10 Super Sentinel

  1. lyndhurstman

    Interesting stuff. I like the look of the freelance Y10. Is there much room inside? I tend to play with P4 dimensions… and does this mean there’s an RTR Sentinel body up for sale? đŸ˜‰

    Keep on keeping on



  2. Grasslands Post author

    Hi Jan. I’ll post some more pictures of the interior if you like, so you can see how much space there is. As for sentinel bodies… indeed, this means there will likely be a spare body, but I haven’t decided whether to do a repaint of it or not. I might repaint as a private brewery loco.


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