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Five Shunter Challenge Pt10: Final chassis detail

The three smallest chassis’ have all now been completed. This has included installing pick-ups and motor wires. full details are provided below.

x5 Shunter Challenge Progress

BR Class 02 Diesel ShunterDJH

I abandoned the DJH pick-up system and used a variation of the pick-ups I installed on the Sentinel (see, I told you building multiple kits is a good idea).

Sentinel post war 100HP 0-4-0VBT – RT Models

The sentinel has some lovely fine details and brake gear, which I have managed to put together. The instructions advise two different methods to creating pick-ups, but I have gone with a variation of both. I have used fine copper wire on the top of the axles (which also adds a bit of springing to the compensation).

2014-11-13 22.32.32LR

Ruston & Hornsby 88DSJudith Edge

The Ruston has many little details to add to the chassis, and the text-heavy instructions can sometimes make it a bit difficult to work out where things go.

The biggest challenge was understanding how to fit the false gearchain cover, which I have tried to position around the precious-little space remaining inside the chassis. As discussed in a prior entry, the gear boxes do take up a lot of space. The gearchain cover does look very similar to the fitted gear box, so it could be just left off, but I decided to cut away some sections of the gearchain cover to allow it to fit around the gear box.

Despite my niggles, the finished chassis looks very, very nice.

2014-11-16 17.01.02-1LR


2014-11-16 16.59.30LR

11001Judith Edge

I haven’t done much work on this since I ordered the gearboxes, but I know that the next stage is to reduce the width of the axle bearings to allow the gear box to be fitted.

English Electric/Hawthorn Leslie 0-6-0DEJudith Edge

This one is seriously lagging behind, and is still only a couple of side frames. I will make sure it is up and running before body work commences on the others.

P.S. If there are any aspects of x5 shunter challenge that you want me to cover (be it soldering, equipment… anything at all) please do leave a comment or contact me by email. I will reply. You can also follow me on twitter for instant updates.