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Cry Me A River

It has been a long time since I did any major work on Brewery Pit. I am aiming to have the layout finished for March so I can exhibit, but I keep wanting to modify things. There is a small river (it’s a stream really) near the front of the layout and I have already re-modelled it twice.

River Version 1

The first version of the river was down stream of a pond, but it didn’t look convincing and I pulled up the water course.

River Version 2

The second version was a straighter river with a more convincing bank and riverside vegetation. I used Woodland Scenics still water, but I soon found that the Woodlands Scenics material collects dust very quickly and it can be quite difficult to clean the dust off.

Most of the rivers that I find impressive on other peoples layouts are produced using painted acrylic plastic or glass, so I thought I would revise the river one final time.

River Version 3

Firstly I had to rip out the the old river. Most of the layout is laid with some tar-like rubbery substance that I used to stick down the track. This means that it is relatively easy to pull up bits of the railway (within reason).



I used transparent acrylic and mixed some murky green paint on the underside. I also painted the river bed with dull browns and greens.

2014-08-23 18.42.51LR

I then positioned the acrylic on top of the river bed and buried back into the tar-like ground layer.

2014-08-23 21.37.00LR

Finally, I reconstructed the river bed using DAS clay. I am really pleased with this version of the river as I now get a convincing reflection from the water. I can also clean the dust away easily with a damp cloth.

2014-08-23 22.25.20LR