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Chassis for the Y10 Super Sentinel

The Model Rail Y1/3 Steam Sentinel RTR loco produced by Dapol has a wonderful mechanism and I confess to having a few too many of these little locos.

While at the Warley show in November, I noticed that Model Rail were offering one of the Y1 Sentinels at a considerably reduced price, so I quickly snapped up the model. This model will provide the chassis for my Y10 super sentinel (just don’t tell the Y1 that, he’ll get upset).

N-Gauge Trials

Following my last blog entry I have decided to purchase a small selection of N-Gauge stock and build a very simple layout to see how I feel about a switch of scales. To ensure that I stick with the theme of a layout set in the early 70s, I have purchased a Baby Warship from Dapol and a selection of late BR trucks. The detail is truly amazing. If it wasn’t for that horrible chunky coupling on the front you could easily be fooled into thinking it was a larger model.

I now have to decide whether I am going to convert everything to 2mm finescale or stick in N Gauge for my trial layout.

I think I will set the layout on a rural siding in Devon or Cornwall.

Workbench into action


Having spent a few days tidying away the mass of modelling tools, kits, materials and instructions that I have acquired over the years, I was finally able to make use of my workbench.

Its first use in the the new house was to run-in my new Dapol Western. This is limited edition model available exclusively from Kernow Model Rail Centre. The model is professionally weathered by Mercig Studios and is the best weathering job I have seen on a ready to run loco. It sounds like this will be the last Dapol Limited Edition to be commissioned for the foreseeable future so I am quite pleased that I pre-ordered one.

Here is another shot of the workbench including half-height bookcase and shelves. My wife has allowed me to use one of her Ikea wooden mini-drawer units, which is now full of tools. My soldering iron has pride of place on top of these shelves. I have a lot of projects that were on hold over 2013, due to the impending move, so now my workbench is back in action, I can get going. Happy days.


Quarry Photo Test

At the start of this blog about Quarry Transfer, I mentioned that one of the purposes of the diorama was so I could take pictures. Well after having waited patiently for the grout to thoroughly dry, I have just placed a couple of different diesels on the diorama along with a little JCB and had a go at some test shots.

I am really, really pleased with the look of the photos, as the shots appear very different to the small diorama that currently resides on a book case in the front room.

The little JCB is a plastic Dapol kit of some vintage that my wife built and painted. She has done a very good job on the yellow highlighting. This will not be the construction vehicle that lives on the layout when it is finished. I hope to purchase a nice elaborate digger, maybe one from the Langley range.

I am also pleased with what appears to be tillage (well, I’m calling it tillage) at the base of the cliff, which was done by sprinkling bits of drying grout onto the still wet grout surface.

So what are the next steps? I think it would make sense to flatten out the colour of the rock face next, so likely an overall paint with black or grey. This can then be gradually highlighted up again.