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The Housing Crash

I have recently completed my big move from a one bedroom flat in Newbury to a three bedroom house in Swindon.

Moving is never fun and I tried hard to ensure that Brewery Pit could be transported safely. I can’t fit the layout in my car so I allowed the removal people to take it in their truck (after having removed all of the buildings).


Unfortunately, there was a disaster involving the housing estate, which suffered a scale 200 m drop to it’s death. All of the buildings made from Linka casts were destroyed, but the Bachmann ready-to-plant ones survived. Ironically it wasn’t the removal people that did the damage but me leaving the estate precariously on top of a wardrobe (I should have known what was going to happen).

This is a shame, but I was considering changing the Linka cast houses for better models, so maybe it is a blessing in disguise.