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Brewery Pit: February-April 2008 – Scenery and Buildings

Across these three cold months in Ilfracombe, I seemed to get a lot of modelling done.

The Metcalf buildings were built and placed and Peco back-scenes were installed on the left and right back-boards. At this stage these back-boards were made of plywood and fixed down to the base-board with small pine blocks; these will eventually be changed. The Peco back-scenes were affixed with wallpaper paste, but the right one quickly rippled, which I was not happy about.

Over the years much thinking was applied to the masking of the railway exit points.  At this stage the remaining sections of the Metcalf brewery were butchered to create an implausible wall of buildings to act as an off-scene break on the left side of the layout.

I also started the creation of an extension to the retaining wall which will eventually have a signal box perched on the top (to the right). The most effective area of these early trials with back-scenes and exit point concealment was ironically the simplest: a weathered down section of Will’s brick wall with the Peco back-scene peaking out behind (behind the class 08 shunter). I always found this quite effective in photographs.

This is all academic now, as most of these features were removed for various reasons, which will be discussed some other time.