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Grain Hoists

Today I returned to the buildings of Brewery Pit and decided to do some detailing.

The old brewery buildings are made up from a Metcalfe Models cardboard kit, which is very nice, but I wanted to add some details to make it look less flat.

I started by adding some Wills plastic roofing, which has much a better finish than the cardboard print. I was going to fit drain pipes, but found myself building up the grain sack hoists out of the cardboard kit and then covering them in Slater’s corrugated sheeting. I matched the windows by stencilling the shapes onto the plastic and cutting them out with a knife.


I then painted them in a pale blue, which is the main colour theme of my yet-to-be-branded beer.


For some strange reason I have painted the other buildings in the wrong shade of blue, so I will have to correct this soon.

My thoughts are now drawn to how to stop barrels rolling off the raised platforms. I think some walling may be in order.